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Outlook: Getting Rid of the Web Toolbar

Below the standard Outlook 2002 toolbar, I see a toolbar that contains icons for back and forward Web functions and a URL field. Can I get rid of this toolbar?

In addition to letting you type any Web address into the Address box and browse directly from Outlook, this dark gray bar, which Figure 2, page 6, shows, displays the name of the current folder. If you aren't displaying the Folder List, you can click this folder name to select another folder that you want to show in the current window. When you drag any Outlook item to the folder name, the full Folder List will appear, letting you choose a destination folder in which to drop the item.

You can use this bar's back and forward buttons not only to navigate Web pages that you recently accessed through Outlook but also to browse through Outlook folders that you recently viewed. If your mouse or keyboard has back and forward buttons, you can also use them to page through recently viewed Outlook folders.

You won't find this dark gray bar in the list of Outlook toolbars that you can enable and disable, so you can't get rid of the bar. If you find the Web controls distracting, you can drag the vertical bar to the right to hide the Web-specific controls.

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