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Outlook: Displaying the Outlook Bar in All New Windows


Right-clicking an icon in the Outlook bar lets me choose Open in New Window. But how can I make the Outlook bar automatically appear in each new window?

The Open in New Window command typically opens a window that doesn't show the Outlook Bar or Folder List. If you're comfortable working with Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2000 Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), you can use the code that Web Listing 2 (, InstantDoc ID 25467) shows to solve the problem. Add the code to the built-in ThisOutlookSession module, then exit and restart Outlook to initialize all event handlers. You'll see that the code uses the SelectionChange event instead of the NewExplorer or Explorer.Activate event. The latter two events might cause Outlook to crash if you use them to try to display the Outlook Bar.

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