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Outlook: Counting the Number of Nonresource Attendees Scheduled for a Meeting


On a custom Outlook form, I'd like to provide users with feedback about how many nonresource attendees they've selected for a meeting. Is there a function that counts just the required and optional attendees?

The information about attendees resides in the Recipients collection. To count all the nonresource recipients, you need to use a For Each...Next statement to loop through the Recipients collection, as the VBScript function in Listing 2 shows. For each Recipient object in the collection, you examine the Type property. You can run the function as part of the VBScript code behind an Outlook item. The function returns the total number of required and optional attendees. Note that the code will trigger an Outlook address book security prompt if you're using a version of Outlook that includes the Outlook E-mail Security Update.

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