Outlook: Adding the Time to an Outlook Message Printout

How can I add the time to the footer that appears on a printed HTML-format message?

Outlook hands off the printing of HTML-format messages to Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). Therefore, to add the time, you must change IE's print settings. However, you need to change the header, not the footer. IE 6.0 will print only the date, not the time, in an Outlook footer. To change the header so that it prints the timeā€”in IE, choose File, Page Setup. The default header is &w&bPage &p of &P. Change that to &w&bPage &p of &P&b&d &t to add the date and time at the top right of the page. Table 1 lists descriptions of the IE header and footer elements. The &b element functions much like a tab stop, either centering the elements that follow or aligning them at the right margin, depending on how many &b elements appear in the header or footer. If you want to distribute this header format to users, the registry subkey is HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\PageSetup, which contains REG_SZ values named header and footer.

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