New Microsoft Article: How to Send Email Without Using SQL Mail

Although SQL Mail lets you send and read email from SQL

Server, you have to have a Messaging API (MAPI) subsystem on your

server to use SQL Mail. Windows NT 4.0 installs a MAPI subsystem

when you install Windows Messaging, but Windows 2000 doesn't

provide a MAPI subsystem. So to use SQL Mail on Win2K, you must

install a MAPI client such as Microsoft Outlook.


However, you can send SMTP email directly from SQL Server by

using Collaboration Data Objects for NT Server (CDONTS) or CDO

for Win2K (CDOSYS) in combination with SQL Server's sp_OA OLE

Automation stored procedures. The new Microsoft article "HOW TO:

Send E-Mail Without Using SQL Mail in SQL Server" walks through

examples of how to use CDONTS and CDOSYS with the sp_OA

procedures to send email to an Internet mail server.

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