New & Improved: Acer servers, Enigma FIPS Notebook Drives, ManageEngine Applications Manager, and More

Acer Unveils Server and Storage Solutions

Acer America has announced a comprehensive line of server and storage solutions. Acer’s server and storage products include tower, rack, blade, and multi-node solutions that are based on Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors. Benefits of the new servers cited by the vendor include offerings built on open, industry standard architectures; vertical manufacturing and configuration integration; development leadership in virtualization and multi-node architectures; 24/7 phone support; and more.

The product lines include the Acer tower server line, the Acer rack server line, the Acer rack multi-node server line, the Acer blade server line, and the Acer Network Attached Storage line. These server and storage solutions support Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Hyper-V. Acer provides storage solutions for its server offering through a partnership with Hitachi Data Systems that integrates storage solutions into Acer’s server offerings.

“Acer has steadily built one of the broadest lines of server and storage solutions in the world and now we are bringing this offering to the US to meet customer demands for cost-effective performance, simplified management, flexible scalability, and return on storage investments over time,” said Gianluca Degliesposti, vice president of worldwide business development for Acer Servers and Storage. “Our initial family of 16 server solutions also leverages our deep expertise in virtualization, multi-node architectures, and HPC to meet increasingly challenging needs in cloud computing and other complex computing applications. We plan to further expand our family this year to meet additional customer needs across the full range of server and storage environments.”

For more information and pricing, visit

Origin Storage Launches Government Grade Encryption for Laptops

Origin Storage has announced Enigma FIPS, a series of notebook hard drives designed for Dell notebooks that incorporate the Seagate Momentus Self-Encrypting Drive that has recently secured FIPS 140-2 certification from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The Momentus drive provides hardware-based encryption without performance degradation. The FIPS 140-2 solution is the latest in the Enigma range to provide organizations of all sizes with a quick and cost-effective way to secure laptops using high levels of hardware encryption. To learn more, visit

Linoma Software Releases GoAnywhere Director 3.5

Linoma Software has released GoAnywhere Director 3.5, a managed file transfer solution that automates and secures the exchange of data with your customers, trading partners, and enterprise servers. New features in GoAnywhere Director 3.5 include integration with enterprise message queue services; providing access to files and folders on systems including Windows servers, Linux/Unix servers, and IBM i servers; wizards to set up monitors that scan for file updates; automatic resume for file transfers after a connection break; file locking; command shortcuts; and integration with SQL Server, MySQL, and DB2 for IBM i for high availability. To learn more, visit

Applications Manager Adjusts Virtual Infrastructure Resources

ManageEngine has announced automated provisioning of virtual resources with ManageEngine Applications Manager, the company’s server and application performance monitoring software. Applications Manager will automatically add, start, or stop virtual machines in a VMware ESX/ESXi server farm when the number of active sessions in a server exceed a specified threshold. According to the vendor, Applications Managers lets IT pros utilize their virtual resources more effectively and cut operational costs. To learn more, visit (View product screenshot)

Remote Support for Android Tablets and Smartphones

LogMeIn has announced remote support for Android tablets and smartphones via LogMeIn Rescue. The product includes a diagnostic dashboard that provides device information, the ability to transfer files between the technician and the end user device, and the ability to chat with the user. There are two versions of the product available—the mobile operator version also allows for remote control. To learn more, visit

Gemalto Launches Protiva One Time Password Application for Mobile Users

Gemalto has introduced Protiva Mobile One Time Password (OTP), a new way for businesses and their employees to deploy two-factor authentication using their mobile phones. OTP replaces static passwords with strong authentication and provides an additional level of security for transactions and access control. To gain access to company resources, employees use both a mobile credential and their username and one-time password. Protiva Mobile OTP works with BlackBerry and iOS. To learn more, visit

TARGUSinfo Launches On-Demand Email Verification

TARGUSinfo has announced On-Demand Email Verification, an extended verification solution. The new offering lets businesses identify the probability of a connection between an email address and an individual. The traditional approach to email verification attempts to validate syntax, domain, and username. TARGUSinfo’s verification solution provides these basic checks and also verifies correlations between email address and other identifiers associated with an individual, such as name, address, and phone. To learn more, visit


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