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New & Improved - 30 Dec 2003


Test Application Loads, 248-865-5444, 800-538-7822

Compuware released QACenter Performance Edition 5.0, enterprise performance-testing software. The newest version includes QALoad to boost tester productivity, increase testing accuracy, and improve performance, scalability, and reliability before applications enter production. The software helps Quality Assurance (QA) teams create performance test scripts to provide testers with control over the entire test execution and quickly identify application problems. Reporting capabilities let you quickly access specific reports. You can also modify reports to feature information that applies to your environment. Pricing starts at $35,000.

Remotely Control a Computer, 601-914-2444, 866-977-8862

ASITI Software released ExpertVNC, software that lets you remotely control any computer by directing the user to a Web site. You don't have to worry about difficulties with Network Address Translation (NAT) and firewalls because the user's computer initiates the session. ExpertVNC establishes a point-to-point remote control session, and you direct a user to a file that you've posted online. When the user opens the file, a process installs ExpertVNC on the user's computer as a system service and sends traffic across the Web to your computer. One license lets you troubleshoot an unlimited number of remote computers. Multiple systems administrators can use one license if they use the software one at a time. Two or more licenses are required to enable administrators to troubleshoot simultaneously. Pricing is $695 for one license.

Safeguard Servers and Workstations, 512-330-9130, 800-408-8415

Winternals announced that its Recovery Manager for Windows Server 2003/XP/2000/NT systems lets administrators reverse the effects of malicious code attacks. The software lets you identify and undo changes to crucial system files and settings before antivirus vendors have time to address new threats. The Recovery Manager Boot Client lets you boot infected machines to an offline environment for safe access, analysis, and repair. The software can also track and undo system-level changes that antivirus solutions made. You can restore system files to their state before the malicious code was introduced. Licensing costs start at $29 for each workstation protected by Recovery Manager, $299 for each protected server, and $69 for each administrative console used to schedule systems for protection and to perform diagnostics.


Improve Email Availability, 916-463-7000, 866-632-3226

NEC Solutions released HA-Exchange Solution, which comprises an NECExpress5800/320 server, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange 2000 Server, and Windows Server 2003. The NEC Assured Availability Services package for the HA-Exchange Solution includes system installation, 24 * 7 hardware and software support, and quarterly routine checkups and updates. Pricing starts at $35,000 for the NECExpress5800/320Lb high-availability server and depends on the version of Exchange you select, actual number of email accounts, and level of service you require.


Automatically Deploy Security-Patch Updates, 800-441-4330

ManageSoft released ManageSoft Security Patch Management 6.6, software that can automatically deploy security-patch updates to desktop computers, servers, and mobile devices across the enterprise. The software can repair applications and report about the status of enterprise security-patch protection. ManageSoft Security Patch Management can deploy antivirus applications and OS security patches to local and remote computers and manage the software, even over low-bandwidth connections. Security Patch Management continuously monitors the Microsoft Web site for updated security patches. The software features Active Directory (AD) support. Pricing starts at $25 per seat.


Track Internet Usage Data, 858-676-2277, 800-782-3762

St. Bernard Software released a hardware platform for its iPrism Internet-filtering appliance. The new hard disk improves iPrism's Web monitoring and reporting capabilities. The appliance lets systems administrators run predefined and customized Internet-usage reports. You can see a complete profile of user activity, including accessed URLs, blocked sites entered, type of content viewed, most frequently viewed sites, access time and date, pages viewed, time spent online, and bandwidth used. Pricing includes a onetime hardware cost of $2195 and a 1-, 2-, or 3-year subscription service that includes upgrades, technical support, and hardware maintenance. A 1-year, 500-user subscription is $4795.


Prevent Application Crashes

Ace Logix Software released Ace Utilities 2.1, software that optimizes Windows and deletes unnecessary files to help prevent application crashes. The software comprises more than 15 utilities, such as Unneeded File Remover, Registry Cleaner, Duplicate File Finder, History Eraser, Startup Organizer, Dead Shortcut Fixer, and Uninstaller Plus. You can use the various tools to remove obsolete files to regain hard disk space, find and correct errors that affect your computer performance, find space-wasting duplicate files, erase Internet-usage history, and clear recent document histories from third-party applications. Ace Utilities 2.1 runs on Windows XP/2000/Me/98 systems and costs $29.


Implement an AD Environment, 707-827-7000, 800-998-9938

O'Reilly & Associates released Robbie Allen's Active Directory Cookbook for Windows Server 2003 & Windows 2000, a book that covers the day-to-day challenges of implementing and maintaining an Active Directory (AD) environment. You can learn problem-solving techniques to help you in situations that you might encounter. The how-to book's topics include forests, domains, and trusts; searching and manipulating objects; organizational units (OUs); Group Policy Objects (GPOs); DNS; security and authentication; logging, monitoring, and quotas; backup, recovery, Directory Information Tree (DIT) maintenance, and deleted objects; application partitions; interoperability and integration; and replication. The 622-page book costs $44.95.


Instant Server, 208-947-8555

EmergeCore Networks in association with SolutionPro released Instant Server, a full-function managed-server appliance for the small-business market. Instant Server lets you quickly set up a server complete with hardware, software, and Internet access. The solution is based on EmergeCore Networks' IT-100 "IT in a Box" solution, which serves the small-business owner, home-office user, and corporate telecommuter. SolutionPro will set up and perform system management of Instant Server for your business. The solution also includes access to Help desk technical staff to assist your small business 24 * 7. The server features a Crusoe TM5600 533MHz processor, 128MB of SDRAM memory, and a 32MB PC Card flash drive. Instant Server combines a router, a 4-port switch, a firewall, a wireless Access Point (AP), an FTP server, multiple domain support, an email server, and VPN services. Pricing for the Instant Server is $99 per month, which includes service and support.

"The Instant Server solution bundles ISP connectivity from SolutionPro with the EmergeCore IT in a Box IT-100 solution," Dave Brown, CEO of EmergeCore Networks, said. "This arrangement effectively provides users with the ability to have big-business IT functionality at a small-business price. Businesses can now take advantage of a rich suite of IT services along with a strong Internet presence without incurring additional costs for IT professionals."

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