New & Improved - 30 Aug 2007

Manage Virtualized Applications with Encapsulation
If you're being asked to maintain applications that are vital to your enterprise, but those apps are proving incompatible with or difficult to move to newer OSs, application virtualization vendor Trigence might have a solution. Trigence AE 3.0 for Windows is a cross-platform application virtualization environment that lets you put applications in a "Trigence capsule" that separates the application and its dependencies from the OS and underlying IT infrastructure. Encapsulated applications can be easily moved from legacy to updated hardware and OSs, a process that might have been difficult, expensive, or even impossible without the benefits of virtualization.

President and CEO David Roth stresses the advantages of encapsulation. "Application encapsulation is a critical component of a dynamic utility computing model that allows enterprises to achieve dramatically higher performance from their IT infrastructure," said Roth.

According to Trigence, applications can be encapsulated quickly (thanks to a set of template files) and maintain their unique dependencies after encapsulation. They can then be moved to a different copy of the OS or easily transferred to a newer OS version. The product supports third-party management tools through standard interfaces such as Windows Management Interface and Simple Object Access Protocol and will be generally available in fourth quarter 2007. For more information, contact Trigence at 201-377-0492 or visit

Manage User Privileges

BeyondTrust Privilege Manager 3.0 is a Group Policy extension that lets you implement least-privilege security in Windows Vista environments. With Privilege Manager, you can let end users run all required applications and perform all authorized system tasks without giving them administrative privileges. Unlike Vista's User Account Control, which requires users to respond to a prompt every time they want to use an application that needs elevated privileges, Privilege Manager sets permissions for each application and task and is transparent to end users. Version 3.0 introduces support for Windows Vista and 64-bit systems. Pricing starts at $30 per seat. For more information, contact BeyondTrust at 603-610-4250 or visit

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Group Policy
Simplify Policy Management

Need help verifying that workstations on your network comply with Group Policy? SDM Software's GPExpert Troubleshooting Pak 1.0 provides a collection of utilities that help optimize the policy review process. The Health Reporter utility provides a quick "red or green" analysis of target machines; Log Analyzer can peer into Group Policy logs, including the new Vista operational logs; Status Monitor, a system tray utility, provides information on policy processing; and Group Policy Spy tracks down errant administrative policies that might be conflicting with desktop application functionality. All the utilities are compatible with Windows Vista/XP/2003. For more information, contact SDM Software at 415-670-9302 or visit

Load Balancing
Moving Closer to IPv6

A10 Networks has announced that its AX Series application acceleration switch now supports the IPv6 Internet protocol. The company plans to release IPv6 server load balancing features in phases over the next year. The first release, due later this year, will support IPv6 deployments in both transparent and gateway modes and introduce IPv6 server load balancing and static route support. For more information, contact A10 Networks at 408-325-8616 or go to

WLAN Troubleshooting
Detect and Resolve Wireless Network Problems

AirMagnet's Handheld Analyzer 7.0 now supports the Summit SDCCF20G 802.11g compact flash card with integrated antennas as well as 802.11g and 802.11d wireless networking protocols. The system can detect use of pre-802.11 devices on the network and notify administrators. And AirMagnet's AirWISE technology detects wireless network problems, explains them in detail, and recommends steps to take to resolve them. For more information, contact AirMagnet at 408-400-0200 or browse to
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