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New & Improved - 28 Sep 2004


SmartDL from Imanami is an application that creates and updates Microsoft Exchange Server distribution lists (DLs) and Active Directory (AD) groups through user-defined queries. SmartDL provides intelligent group management so that you can maintain large groups without having to manually add or remove members. You tell SmartDL who should be considered a member, and SmartDL updates the list or group automatically. You can create SmartDL Dynasties, which are rules that define SmartDLs, and automatically create, update, and delete groups according to user-defined criteria. SmartDL can reduce the cost of miscommunications that occur when DLs are inaccurate.

The scheduling feature lets you schedule SmartDL to update groups on a regular basis rather than when you notice that a group's membership is inaccurate. SmartDL can process data that's stored in sources outside Exchange and AD. You can also monitor your groups and protect your network by setting membership thresholds for groups. When SmartDL detects a change that makes a group larger than your specified membership threshold, the application will abort the update and send you a notification.

Robert Haaverson, Imanami president and CEO, said, "Doing more with less is what it's all about. Organizations of all sizes have been adopting Imanami solutions as some of their primary tools to manage their directories. They are finding that many of the changes can automatically be updated with little or no input from the Help desk and administrators, and this results in significant savings for everyone."


Remotely Monitor Network Computers
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Famatech released Remote Administrator (Radmin) 2.2, a remote control solution that lets you remotely monitor or work on one or more network computers from your workstation. All of your mouse movements and keyboard hits are transferred to the remote computer. You can hook up to any remote computer that's connected to a LAN that has Internet access and view the remote computer in full-screen, scaled, or windowed mode. Radmin lets you transfer files to or from the remote computer. You can drag files by using a Windows Explorer­type interface. You can also use the solution to remotely shut down a computer. Radmin supports Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/9x systems. For pricing, contact Famatech.

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Scan the Network for Failures
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GFI Software released GFI Network Server Monitor 5.5, a network- and server-monitoring tool that now features a remote Web monitor to let you check network and server status from any Web browser, mobile phone, or handheld device. GFI Network Server Monitor can automatically observe the network for failures or irregularities. When the software detects a failure, it can take corrective action, such as rebooting a machine, restarting a service, or running a script. GFI Network Server Monitor consists of a network-monitoring service (the Network Monitor Engine)
and a management interface. You don't have to install agent software on the machines you want to monitor. The Network Monitor Engine is multithreaded and can run 16 simultaneous network and server checks. GFI Network Server Monitor 5.5 lets you monitor all workstations and servers for $699.


Administer AD
302-422-0230, 800-397-5484
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Javelina Software released ADvantage 2.5, software for administering Active Directory (AD). This version includes a set of tools for managing computer accounts in AD. The new tools--Add Computers, Modify Computers, Delete Computers, Search and Replace Computers, and Computer Reports--help prevent a security risk from unused computer accounts left in AD. The software lets you delegate your most common tasks, complete numerous tasks in one execution, view customized reports, and schedule work during off-peak hours. Another new feature lets you import a list of specific objects to report on, instead of reporting on an entire organizational unit (OU) or domain. ADvantage is sold per administrator. Pricing starts at $995 per administrator copy.


Monitor Bandwidth
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Neon Software released CyberGauge 6.0, bandwidth-monitoring software that can create real-time usage graphs and daily, weekly, and monthly Quality of Service (QoS) and billing reports. CyberGauge works with any SNMP-based device, including routers, switches, and servers. You can configure the application to run as a service. You can receive alerts for nonresponsive devices and for interface traffic thresholds. The expanded alert system triggers alarms based on day and time so that you can set the alert to inform different personnel during the workday, weeknights, and weekends. You can also trigger an alert when bandwidth falls below specified levels. CyberGauge can monitor 5, 10, or 20 devices, depending on the configuration you purchase. Pricing is based on the number of devices monitored. The 5-device version costs $295.


Manage Applications Without IT Support
617-695-0336, 877-763-8737

Softricity announced SoftGrid 3.1 Enterprise Edition, an application-management platform designed for large, geographically dispersed IT environments. SoftGrid lets organizations deploy and manage applications with minimal IT support. The platform helps to provide immediate access to all applications in case of disaster and provides applications to users in real time regardless of the user's location. SoftGrid transforms Windows applications into virtual services that you can centrally configure, manage, and deploy on demand to desktops, laptops, and servers. You can use the platform to eliminate application and deployment problems, including application conflicts, version incompatibilities, multiuser access problems, and multitenancy concerns. SoftGrid Enterprise Edition is priced per concurrent number of users. The solution starts at $15,000.


Speed Up Your Hard Disk
512-330-9130, 800-408-8415

Winternals Software released Defrag Manager 3.0, software that automates the defragmentation process. This release includes new management features. The SmartPhase defrag engine supports parallel defragmentation of different physical disks, user-selectable free- space consolidation settings, and defragmenting of NTFS alternate data streams. Advanced Mode defragmentation is an offline environment that defrags all Windows files, folders, and metadata regardless of Windows version, cluster size, and permission settings. Automatic boot-time capability lets you automatically defrag the paging files and registry hives of multiple remote systems. New SmartBind technology lets you drag or copy an Active Directory (AD) organizational unit (OU) onto a schedule and bind the schedule to the OU.

Defrag Manager supports every Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT system on your network without requiring you to purchase and maintain separate defragmenter products. Pricing starts at $99 per server and $20 per workstation. Entry-level licensing is for 10 systems, which can be any combination of servers and workstations.

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Combine Voice and Network Analysis in One Solution

WildPackets announced AiroPeek VX, a voice over wireless and wireless LAN (WLAN) analyzer that provides both WLAN and Voice over IP (VoIP) diagnostics in real time. Enterprises are realizing the benefits of connectivity through their WLANs and are starting to deploy VoIP applications on their networks to gain operational efficiency. AiroPeek VX can simultaneously analyze as many as 100 open calls without requiring expensive hardware. The analyzer provides per-call analytics and supports multiple signaling protocols. The media plane analysis looks at packet-level details of Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) and Real-Time Transport Control Protocol (RTCP) streams; evaluates packet-delay variations, packet loss, and jitter; and provides passive Mean Opinion Scores (MOSs) for each call. For pricing and availability, contact Wild-Packets.

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