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New & Improved - 24 Feb 2004

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Next-Generation PC Card, 408-433-2273, [email protected]

PCMCIA announced ExpressCard, technology that provides the convenience of the PC Card in a smaller form factor. The ExpressCard standard was created by a coalition of system OEMs, card manufacturers, and connector and component manufacturers including Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Lexar Media, Microsoft, SCM Microsystems, and Texas Instruments. ExpressCard technology reduces the complexity of system and card implementations by providing a hot-pluggable card expansion capability that supports thinner laptop designs. The ExpressCard module will be available in two widths: 54mm and 34mm. Both modules are 75mm long and 5mm high. Host systems can provide any combination of slots for either width module. ExpressCard supports USB 2.0 and PCI Express applications. Contact PCMCIA for pricing.


Learn More About Your Messaging Traffic, 415-835-9496, [email protected]

Hypersoft Information Systems announced new comparative and interpreting capabilities in its OmniAnalyser 8.0, a solution that provides full metrics for all messaging-traffic, server-availability, and Information Store (IS)–contents statistics in Microsoft Exchange Server and Lotus Notes. OmniAnalyser 8.0's new capabilities can reduce the time you spend on data comparison and interpretation. The new Smart Reports feature analyzes corporate messaging data and consolidates essential information according to data that it extracts and calculates for a range of reports. Smart graphs pinpoint the parts of the network in which problems are occurring or are about to occur. The software can also provide you with information that identifies major resource consumers and most-delayed mail servers. Contact Hypersoft Information Systems for pricing.

Copy, Search, and Recover Exchange Mailboxes, 800-645-3649, [email protected]

Kroll Ontrack released Ontrack PowerControls 2.0, a mailbox-recovery tool that can restore individual mailboxes, messages, folders, attachments, and other elements from existing Microsoft Exchange Server database (.edb) backup files. PowerControls provides enhanced features for Exchange systems, including enhanced search capabilities, support for Exchange server log files, and ExtractWizard agents that let users restore an online backup to any alternative location. ExtractWizard is designed to work with existing Exchange backup software, such as Computer Associates' (CA's) BrightStor ARCserve, LEGATO Systems' LEGATO NetWorker, VERITAS Software's VERITAS Backup Exec, and NTBackup. Different Ontrack PowerControls 2.0 versions are available with pricing starting at $950 for 100 mailboxes.


FirstDefense-ISR, 301-527-0803, 800-546-9728

Raxco Software released FirstDefense-Immediate System Recover (ISR), software that can recover a failed system caused by corrupt or infected crucial OS files; renew your system when memory leaks, uninstallations, and temporary files hamper its performance; and recover systems from bad driver or OS upgrades. The system-recovery tool makes a full-system copy. FirstDefense-ISR periodically and transparently takes snapshots of the current state of a user's system and application software. Data-anchoring technology lets users back up applications on a daily or minute-to-minute basis, without requiring the user to create a whole new snapshot of the system. When installing new service packs, you can quickly roll back your system to a prior service pack in the event of a problem with the new one. The software installs without the need to create additional partitions or other modifications to your system.

Joe Abusamra, Raxco Software's vice president of operations, said, "FirstDefense-ISR overcomes the disadvantages common with traditional recovery products by providing immediate, up-to-date system recovery, with little expertise required. Capturing the latest events is a critical part of backup and recovery for workstations and servers, and FirstDefense-ISR provides this protection up to the point of failure."

FirstDefense-ISR runs on Windows 2003/XP/2000 systems. Pricing starts at $49.95 per workstation and $399.95 per server.


View What Your Users Are Doing, 770-205-4456, [email protected]

NetSupport released NetSupport Manager 8.5, remote control software that features support for Active Directory (AD). NetSupport Manager lets you watch, share, and control the screen, keyboard, and mouse of a workstation regardless of color resolution, network protocol, or OS. You can also use the audio functions to talk to users over a network, dial-up, or Internet link. NetSupport Manager provides remote control capability between PCs that are behind different firewalls. The NetSupport Gateway lets enabled systems communicate through HTTP. You can use the software to get a real-time view of the hardware and software on the target workstation. The Scan function lets you monitor what's happening on your networked workstations and servers and view what users are doing. You can also transfer and manipulate files between workstations. Pricing starts at $99 for a single license.


Configure More Than 10 Monitors, [email protected]

Realtime Soft released UltraMon 2.4, a utility for multimonitor systems that lets you configure setups of more than 10 monitors. Included monitor arrangement tools let you quickly create standard rectangular configurations, set all monitors to use the same settings, and swap the position of two monitors. UltraMon also includes tools for efficient window management, a Smart Taskbar, shortcut extensions for application positioning, display profiles, mirroring, and support for different desktop images and screen savers on each monitor. UltraMon is available in English, German, and Japanese. Pricing is $39.95.


Search Your LAN, [email protected]

BGSoft released Network Searcher 2.5, a search engine that can automatically search through hidden shared items on the LAN. The program can also perform a multithreaded search and generate comprehensive reports that you can import to HTML files. The application features flexible search settings such as masks, filters, search locations, file types, and names and sizes. Network Searcher can also search through a file's content. The software presents all data in a treelike structure so that you can easily navigate the program. Network Searcher can perform basic file-management functions such as copying, moving, renaming, and deleting files. You can save, sort, or delete the results of the search. The software also lets you create a list of recently added movies and clips, create network MP3 lists, find software installations in network archives, and find useful documents on your local computer. Pricing is $34.95 for a single license.


Learn More About CMS 2002, 617-848-7500

Addison-Wesley released Microsoft Content Management Server 2002: A Complete Guide, a book by Bill English, Olga Londer, Shawn Shell, Todd Bleeker, and Stephen Cawood. The book provides an in-depth look at Content Management Server (CMS) 2002 from architecture to content authoring and publishing. The guide features details about how to create a site framework, administer a site, secure a site, and deploy a site in a production environment. Several chapters feature information about the Publishing API and how to extend CMS in your environment. The majority of the book is for the developer in your organization, but some key chapters will assist your infrastructure team in installing and monitoring a CMS 2002 production server. Chapter titles include "Planning a Content Management Server Engagement," "The Web Author," "Publishing Workflow," "Creating a New CMS site," "Developing for CMS Using Visual Studio .NET," "Designing Templates," and "Using the Server Configuration Application." Pricing for the 1136-page book is $54.99.

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