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Microsoft Exchange 2007 Lifecycle Support Expires on 11 April 2017

Microsoft Exchange 2007 Lifecycle Support Expires on 11 April 2017

Software lifecycles are a normal part of doing providing IT support in the world these days.

As the cloud has taken on an even larger role in organizations and more services are now off premise, many companies no longer have to worry about these types of issues for software they have installed on their own gear.

However, when Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 was released 10 years ago the landscape was very different and it is feasible that there are many organizations that continue to run that server software on their own hardware.

If that is the case and your company/organization is still running Exchange Server 2007 then you need to be aware of this date - 11 April 2017.

That is the date that extended support will expire. Extended Support is the second half of the 10 year period in which Microsoft typically provides support for their software.

That means after 11 April 2017 no further updates will be released for Exchange Server 2007. Well, unless of course you want to pay some big dollars to Microsoft to get that support extended.

It will likely be less expensive to go ahead and move to Exchange 2016 for on premise use or make the move to the cloud with Office 365.

The Microsoft Exchange Team provides the Exchange 2007 End of Life Roadmap to help you fully understand your options plus an entire list of resources to help you with your upgrade from Exchange Server 2007 on both the server and client side.


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