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Lessons Learned - 24 Feb 2003

Here are some lessons I've learned from working with the Exchange Server Migration Wizard:

  • Use a dedicated machine for the migration server. Resist the temptation to use your workstation for this task.
  • Don't install the migration server on a slow, overworked network segment or on the same segment as the Novell GroupWise or Exchange server.
  • For best results, use version 5.20 of the GroupWise client. GroupWise Client 5.2.0 is old and hard to find, but worth the search.
  • Use the same password for all accounts.
  • The migration account must be in the same GroupWise post office as the accounts that you plan to migrate. I simply create a migration account for each post office.
  • To migrate accounts, the Migration Wizard must point to the GroupWise domain that contains the post offices with the users you want to migrate. Even if the Migration Wizard points to the primary GroupWise domain, it can't communicate with the post offices in secondary GroupWise domains, and you won't be able to migrate users from these post offices.
  • The Migration Wizard is much faster when the GroupWise server is in direct access mode rather than client/server mode. Direct access mode requires configuration on both the client and server sides.
  • If the GroupWise user has a nickname, you must remove it. The Migration Wizard incorrectly grabs the nickname field instead of the user's alias.
  • Even if you grant the migration account Minimum User Access rights on every GroupWise account, some accounts will still be unable to migrate. To simplify the migration, explicitly grant the migration account all proxy rights to the user's account.
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