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IIS Informant: Changing the Drive Configuration for an SMTP Server

I installed the Microsoft SMTP service on my IIS server's E drive and later changed the drive configuration so that the SMTP folders reside on the D drive. The SMTP service UI doesn't let me configure the location of the mailroot folder. How can I direct the SMTP service to the new drive letter without having to reinstall the service?

By default, the SMTP folders—BadMail, Drop, MailBox, PickUp, Queue, Route, and SortTemp—are installed in the Inetpub folder. However, because the BadMail, Drop, Pickup, and Queue folders are specified in the IIS 5.0 LM/SmtpSvc metabase key, as Figure 3, page 8, shows, you can change the location of these folders. You can change the SortTemp folder's location by modifying its reference location in the entry for ID 36930.

In IIS 4.0, you can complete the relocation to a new drive by specifying the location of the Route (the LM/SmtpSvc/1/RoutingSources metabase subkey, ID 36910) and MailBox (the LM/SmtpSvc/1/Root/MailBox/Path metabase subkey) folders. (For more information about changing the drive configuration, see the Microsoft article "How to Change the Path Used by the SMTP Service for the NTOP" at;en-us;q247958.) However, in IIS 5.x, the Route and MailBox folders' metabase subkeys aren't defined, making relocation an incomplete process for IIS 5.x users.

Documentation about moving these two folders in IIS 5.0 is sketchy. Unfortunately, the best solution might be simply to uninstall the SMTP service from the E drive and reinstall it to the new location. (For more information about editing the IIS metabase, see William Sheldon, "Getting to Edit the Metabase," February 2001, InstantDoc ID 16462.)

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