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How to Track Email Messages with Message Trace in Exchange Online Office 365

How to Track Email Messages with Message Trace in Exchange Online Office 365

You can use a message trace feature in Exchange Online Office 365 to Troubleshoot email delivery issues. This tool is very handy when users in your organization report that they are not receiving internal or external email messages sent from other users. You can then use the message trace feature to find out the actual issue. In this article, we will see how we can leverage from this feature.


  1. Open in your favorite web browser.
  2. Log in with the global administrator account.
  3. Go to admin center.
  4. Expand Admin centers and then click Exchange.

5. In Exchange admin center dashboard, click ‘message trace’ under mail flow.


6. Choose an interval during which you want to search the email messages from ‘’Date range drop down’. For this case, choose ‘Past 24 hours’  
7. Select the status of messages you are searching for. For this case, choose Failed from ‘Delivery status’ drop down so the search will return only failed messages.
8. You can further narrow down the search by adding sender and recipient email addresses. 
9. Click search

10. The search will return the list of failed email messages from last 24 hours.


11. Double-click on the individual message to get it’s more detail including the status report.



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