How do I use Phone Dialer?

A. If you have a modem, sound card, speakers and a microphone you can use your computer as a phone and dial people, however another great feature is the ability to dial people on the internet and if they have Phone Dialer running they can receive your calls and communicate with you via voice without any calls being placed.

To start Phone Dialer just select from the Communications folder of the Accessories group.

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You can also start by directly running dialer.exe.

Once Dialer is running on a remote computer to make a call to that machine perform the following:

  1. Start Dialer on your machine
  2. Click the 'Dial' button (or select Dial from the Phone menu)
  3. Select 'Internet Call' and enter the IP address or host name of the recipient computer
  4. Click 'Place Call'
  5. On the remote machine a window will be displayed with a 'Take Call' button. Click 'Take Call'
  6. Any voice will now be transmitted, to hangup just click Disconnect on either system

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