How do I install Exchange Server 5.5?

A. These instructions are to install the first Exchange Server in the Enterprise

Before you install Exchange Server 5.5, two accounts need to be decided on. The first account is the account that you log on as when you perform the installation of Exchange as this account will be automatically granted the Exchange Administrator permission.

The second account needs to be created and this will be used as the service account for running the Exchange Server services. Any name can be used, the most obvious would be "Exchange Service". To create this account perform the following:

  1. Start User Manager (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - User Manager for Domains)
  2. From the User menu select New User
  3. Enter a name of "Exchange Service" with a password.
  4. Make sure you clear "User Must Change Password At Next Logon" and "Account Disabled", and check "User Cannot Change Password" and "Password Never Expires" is set
  5. Close User Manager

Under Windows 2000 this would be set using the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in, expand the domain, right click on Users and select New - Users. Enter Exchange Service, click Next and then select the options as in step 4 and click Finish. I found under Windows 2000 I had to make the Exchange Service account a member of the local Administrators group on the server Exchange is being installed on.

Also before installing make sure you have a complete backup of your system.

Now you can start the installation.

  1. Logon to the server as the account you want to be the Exchange Administrator
  2. Insert the Exchange Server 5.5 CD-ROM
  3. Run Launch.exe off the CD-ROM if it does not start automatically.
  4. Select "Setup Server and Components"
  5. Select "Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5"
  6. The Exchange server Setup will then run. Click "Accept" to the license agreement.
  7. Select the installation type, typical, complete/custom or minimum. Click Complete/Custom. You could also change the installation directory if you wish by clicking "Change Directory".
  8. Select the components to install. Click Continue.
  9. Enter the CD-Key and click OK.
  10. Click OK to the Product ID dialog.
  11. Check the "I agree that" licensing dialog box and click OK.
  12. As this is the first Exchange server select the "Create a new site". Enter an Organization Name and a site name, e.g. SavillTech and London. Click OK.
  13. Click Yes to create a new site.
  14. You should then select the user account that you created as the Exchange Service account by clicking browse and enter the password you set. Click OK
  15. The rights 'Log on as a service', 'Restore files and directories' and 'Act as part of the operating system' will be granted to the Exchange Service account. Click OK to the notification dialog box.
  16. Files will then be copied.

Once Installation is complete you should run the Microsoft Exchange Performance Optimizer (Start - Programs - Microsoft Exchange - Microsoft Exchange Optimizer). You will be given the option to run this automatically if installation is successful.

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