How do I connect my Exchange server to a NEWS feed?

A. Exchange Server 5.5 has the ability to accept a news feed and publish to the Public Folders area. It can also be configured to post back any articles posted by your networks user to the appropriate news server.

  1. Start the Exchange Administrator tool
  2. Expand the sites, expand Configuration and select Connections
  3. From the File menu select "New Other" - "Newsfeed"
  4. Click Next to the welcome dialog
  5. Select the Exchange server to install from the drop down list and enter a USENET site name (you can except the default which will be <sitename>.<domain>, e.g. Click Next
  6. Select the type of newsfeed, inbound and output, inbound only or outbound only. You also need to specify the type of feed, push or pull. Push means you wait for incoming to be send to you, pull means at a scheduled interval you go and grab the news posts off of the news server. Click Next.
  7. Select the connection type, Lan or dial-up. If dial-up you will need to select a RAS phonebook entry and enter the connection username and password (if it supports CHAP) or make sure you have an automated script configured. Click Next
  8. Next select how often to connect to the news server, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours. You can change this to be more specific later if you wish. Click Next
  9. Enter the USENET site name, e.g. Click Next
  10. Enter the IP address or hostname of the news server. Click Next
  11. If you require a password to connect to the news server enter it here otherwise leave it blank and click Next
  12. Click Next to the summary dialog
  13. Select an Internet News administrator by clicking the Change button and click Next
  14. Next you have to tell the configuration program where to get a list of newsgroups on the server. You can choose to import from a current file, download now or to configure it later. Click Next. If you select "Download Now" after you click Next it will connect (if via RAS it will dial out) and retrieve the news list. This could take a while depending on the news server.
  15. You will then be shown all the newsgroups available and you should select which branches you wish to download messages from as part of your feed. To select just click one and click Include, the icon for the newsgroup will change. When finished click Next
  16. Click Finish

It will now connect for the first time and get an initial feed for all newsgroups selected.

Click here to view image
- Always download the Exchange Admin newsgroup :-), don't we all?

Clients will now be able to view via the Folders List in Outlook, Public Folders - All Public Folders - Internet Newsgroups - microsoft .....

Click here to view image

You can change any details but double clicking on the appropriate Newsfeed entry under Connections. For example click Schedule allows you to specify how often to connect at certain times of the day/days of the week.

If you are connecting via dial-up you can change the time-out parameter as follows:

  1. Start the Exchange Administrator program
  2. Select the site, then expand Configuration and select Protocols
  3. Double click on "NNTP (News) Site Defaults"
  4. Select the "Idle Time-out" tab
  5. Change the close idle connections value (between 10 and 32767) and click Apply then OK

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