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Free Add-On Takes the Hassle Out of Outlook Searches

Not many people know about Lookout, a free personal search engine for Outlook. I’ve used other Outlook search engines such as Google Desktop, and in my eyes, Lookout beats them all. Lookout is easy to install, is intuitive to use, doesn’t soak up system resources, and doesn’t annoy you with obnoxious prompts wanting you to install items.

Lookout lets you search email messages, contacts, calendars, and other Outlook items for a keyword or key phrase. You can even search inside all your attachments. You can narrow the search by specifying search criteria, such as Only show items from the last week or last month or Only show items sent by people who appear in your Outlook Contacts. Version 1.3 lets you drag and drop items in the search results to your folders if you want to reorganize your mailbox. For more information about Lookout, see the Windows IT Pro article “Lookout vs. Google,” October 2005, InstantDoc ID 47649.

You can download Lookout 1.3 from Lookout Software’s Web site ( You can also down- load Lookout from the Microsoft Download Center ( id=09b835ee-16e5-4961-91b8-2200ba31ea37&displaylang=en). However, at the time of this writing, only version 1.2 is available in the Microsoft Down- load Center.
—Justin Carlson

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