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Exchange Server 5.5 and LDAP Names

In the mapping rules in this article, physicalDeliveryOfficeName in Rule 1 is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) attribute name for the Exchange Server 5.5 Office attribute. Similarly, the letter l in Rule 2 is the LDAP attribute name for the Exchange Server 5.5 City attribute.

You can determine the LDAP name of any Exchange Server 5.5 attribute by running the Microsoft Exchange Administrator program in raw mode (admin.exe /r). In Exchange Administrator, select View, Raw Directory. In the left pane, select Schema to display the entire Exchange Server 5.5 Directory Service (DS) schema in the right pane. To find the LDAP attribute name, select an object by Display Name and look at the value of the Description attribute. Figure A shows the value of the City attribute.

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