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Exchange & Outlook UPDATE, Exchange Edition, July 3, 2003

Exchange & Outlook UPDATE, Exchange Edition--July 3, 2003

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1. Commentary

- Exchange 2003 Goes Gold

2. Announcements

- Active Directory eBook Chapter 2 Published!

- Take Our Brief Active Directory Survey!

3. Instant Poll

- Results of Previous Poll: TechEd 2003

- New Instant Poll: RTC Server

4. Resources

- XCON: How to Disable Automatic Replies to the Internet

- Featured Thread: Public Folder Access Problems

- Outlook Tip: Adding Telephone Extensions on Contact Forms

5. Events

- New--Mobile & Wireless Road Show!

6. New and Improved

- Recover Corrupted Email Files

- Submit Top Product Ideas

7. Contact Us

- See this section for a list of ways to contact us.


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Editor's Note: We've changed the frequency of Exchange & Outlook UPDATE in an effort to deliver the same high-quality content with fewer messages to your Inbox. You'll receive one issue of Exchange & Outlook UPDATE on Thursday of each week, plus a special Outlook-focused edition on the last Friday of each month. The basic format of the newsletter hasn't changed: You'll continue to receive practical Exchange and Outlook tips and news from Paul Robichaux and Sue Mosher. We welcome feedback about the newsletter. Please send your comments to [email protected] And thanks for reading Exchange & Outlook UPDATE!

==== 1. Commentary: Exchange 2003 Goes Gold ==== by Paul Robichaux, News Editor, [email protected]

The wait is over: Microsoft has released Exchange Server 2003 to manufacturing, and an evaluation copy is ready for download. A product's release to manufacturing (RTM) isn't the same as a release to retail--RTM is the date on which the product-team members take their hands off the product (for a while, anyway) so that it can be prepared for shipping out to the world. As of 12:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time on Monday, June 30, Microsoft posted an evaluation version for download at the first URL below. This 120-day evaluation version has full functionality; you can upgrade to the full version upon its release by reinstalling it on top of the evaluation version. When will that full version be ready? You probably already know that Microsoft has a variety of licensing plans for Exchange 2003. (I'm not smart enough to understand them all, much less explain them to anyone else, so you'll need to contact your local Microsoft office for a full explanation.) Open License and Select License customers will be the first to get their hands on the full version, with a target ship date of August 1.

What about the retail boxed version? This version takes longer to produce because boxes, manuals, nifty-looking silk-screened CD-ROMs, and a variety of other in-the-box stuff must be manufactured, assembled, and shipped to retailers. Compounding this delay is the fact that retail Exchange Server CD-ROMs include Outlook, and Outlook 2003 isn't quite ready to go out the door. Accordingly, the retail version of Exchange 2003 (with the English version of Outlook 2003) will probably ship in early September. Retail kits with Outlook 2003 in other language versions will ship as those versions are completed.

One really cool thing that Microsoft is offering alongside the Exchange 2003 release is a trial program for the updated Outlook Web Access (OWA). By visiting the second URL below, you can sign up for a 7-day OWA trial that gives you a fully functional OWA mailbox. This trial is a great opportunity to preview the appearance and functionality of the new OWA. If your migration is stuck because someone can't quite decide whether moving to Exchange 2003 is worthwhile, try showing him or her OWA's new junk-email filtering features. Although a test account probably won't receive much spam and therefore won't let these features truly show their stuff, I bet the new OWA will still make a good impression.

Of course, the Exchange 2003 RTM doesn't spell the end of the line for Exchange 2000 Server; many Exchange sites will wait to migrate until they hear more field reports about Exchange 2003. In the meantime, Microsoft has scheduled several Webcasts about Exchange 2003 features and functionality; visit the third URL below for details.

Exchange 2003 Trial Software

Exchange Server 2003 Outlook Web Access Trial Account

Upcoming Microsoft Webcasts

==== 2. Announcements ==== (from Windows & .NET Magazine and its partners)

Active Directory eBook Chapter 2 Published!

The second chapter of Windows & .NET Magazine's popular eBook "Windows 2003: Active Directory Administration Essentials" is now available at no charge! Chapter 2 looks at what's new and improved with Active Directory. Download it now!

Take Our Brief Active Directory Survey!

Windows & .NET Magazine would like to know how your organization uses Active Directory. Your feedback will be kept absolutely confidential, so take our brief survey today!

==== 3. Instant Poll ====

Results of Previous Poll: TechEd 2003

The voting has ended in Exchange & Outlook Administrator's nonscientific Instant Poll for the question "Did you attend TechEd 2003, and what did you think of it?" Here are the results from the 47 votes:

- 13% I went and loved it

- 9% I went and thought it was ok

- 2% I went but wish I hadn't

- 51% I didn't go but wish I had

- 26% I didn't go and don't regret it

(Deviations from 100% are due to rounding.)

New Instant Poll: RTC Server

The next Exchange Instant Poll question is "Do you plan to implement RTC Server when it becomes available?" Go to the Exchange & Outlook Administrator home page and submit your vote for a) Yes, immediately, b) Yes, within 1 year, c) Yes, within 2 years, or d) No.

==== 4. Resources ====

XCON: How to Disable Automatic Replies to the Internet

Each week, Microsoft posts several Exchange Server how-to articles to its Knowledge Base. This week, learn how to disable the default Exchange 2000 Server setting that enables automatic replies to the Internet.

Featured Thread: Public Folder Access Problems

Several forum readers are having a problem in which some users can't access public folders. To offer your advice or join the discussion, go to the following URL:

Outlook Tip: Adding Telephone Extensions on Contact Forms

by Sue Mosher, [email protected]

Q: To enter phone numbers with extensions on a Contacts form, do I need to add a separate field?

A: No, you can just type the extension after the main number (e.g., 800-555-3478 ext 234). However, Outlook won't include the extension if you use the Call Contact command to try to dial the number.

See the Exchange & Outlook Administrator Web site for more great tips from Sue Mosher.

==== 5. Events ==== (brought to you by Windows & .NET Magazine)

New--Mobile & Wireless Road Show!

Learn more about the wireless and mobility solutions that are available today! Register now for this free event!

==== 6. New and Improved ==== by Carolyn Mader, [email protected]

Recover Corrupted Email Files

XOsoft announced its Data Rewinder product suite, which can recover corrupted files and databases. The suite can undo application and database failures and rewind data resources to the state they were in before corruption. You can use the suite to recover data on servers of any type, including Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server. You don't need to perform a system reboot or cause database interruptions to install the suite. For pricing, contact XOsoft at 212-798-1490, 866-926-7962, or [email protected]

Submit Top Product Ideas

Have you used a product that changed your IT experience by saving you time or easing your daily burden? Do you know of a terrific product that others should know about? Tell us! We want to write about the product in a future Windows & .NET Magazine What's Hot column. Send your product suggestions to [email protected]

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==== 7. Contact Us ====

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