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Exchange List Server Add-ons

The combination of a distribution list and public folders is a reasonable solution for low-volume lists. If you want something more powerful, you need to install an add-on product. Here are three possibilities:

  • Exlist from the Microsoft BackOffice Resource Kit (BORK)—This utility costs nothing if you have the BORK, which is a big advantage for this utility. You can find Exlist in the \exchange\samples\exlist directory of the BORK CD-ROM.
  • ReddFish ListServer for Microsoft Exchange Server—You can download the software for a free 1-month trial from and purchase it afterward for $250.
  • NTP Software List Manager—List Manager Premier 5.5 with 1-year maintenance retails for $4130. For further details, go to

I suggest that you obtain trial copies when you can and check out all available products before you invest any money.

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