Exchange ActiveSync Certificate Authentication Tool Error

Q: When I run the Exchange ActiveSync Certificate authentication tool— EASAuthUploadXMLtoAD.vbs—to upload the customized .xml configuration file to Active Directory (AD) in Windows Server 2003, I get the following error: The security ID Security is Invalid (error code 80070539). What’s causing this error?

A: This issue occurs when you upload to a non-English version of Windows 2003, because the EASAuthUploadXMLtoAD.vbs file contains the following line:

Const strDomainUsers = "Authenticated Users"

To work around this behavior, replace Authenticated Users with the correct group name in your language. For example, if you’re running a Dutch version of Windows 2003, the line would read

Const strDomainUsers = "Geverifieerde Gebruikers"
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