Exchange 2013 SP1 Geek's Pin-up Poster Now Available

Exchange 2013 SP1 Geek's Pin-up Poster Now Available

If there was even a chance that someone might question your right to geekdom, just print this out and tape it to your wall. Once they see it adorning your cubicle wall, I'm pretty sure they'll stop short and pretend they were actually doing something else.

Periodically, Microsoft will release PDF-format architecture guides for various products. I find that this format helps me quite a bit by giving bullet-point information, design structures, and, of course, picture examples. You can spend weekends sifting through volumes of product documentation on TechNet (and, you should – eventually), but this type of guide provides an overview so you can better understand the documentation once you are able to actually get to it.

With Exchange Server 2013 SP1 released, the architecture poster is now available for download. You can view it onscreen, on a mobile device, or even print it out and hang it next so the Exchange server.

Download it here: Exchange Server 2013 SP1 Architecture Poster

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