Email Archiving Appliance Provides Turnkey Solution

With Gartner forecasting continued growth in the email archiving market, it's no wonder new vendors and solutions continue to emerge. Although not strictly speaking new, here's an interesting new combination: MessageSolution and PineApp have just announced a partnership to provide a turnkey email archiving appliance, the PineApp Archive-SeCure.

Based on MessageSolution's successful email archiving software, Archive-SeCure provides easy-to-implement and scalable email archiving for Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Notes/Domino, and just about any other type of mail server. Archive-SeCure can be purchased with internal storage or configured to access all types of external storage, and the nice thing is that it uses file system architecture so there's no additional database to manage or license.

All archived data is encrypted and compressed, providing security and reducing the storage footprint. Content indexing, including within attachments, allows for speedy searches, and single instance storage further reduces storage clutter. End-users and auditors can connect to the archive via a web-based interface, and management has a full set of auditing and logging capabilities for e-discovery and compliance. For more information about Archive-SeCure, visit PineApp's website.

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