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Displaying an Image in an Appointment

In Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, how can I insert a graphic into an appointment so that it's part of the body of the appointment, not an attachment?

To insert an image file in the appointment body, as Figure 2 shows, the image must be a .bmp file. An image stored as any other type of file will appear in the item body as an attachment icon without showing the image. To insert a graphic into an appointment, contact, or task, open the appointment, contact, or task and choose Insert, Object. In the Insert Object dialog box, choose Create from File, then browse to the image file you want to insert. To adjust the size, click the inserted image and drag one of its corners. This technique also works in Outlook 2002.

This technique lets you insert an unopened image file. If you've opened the graphic and have it visible in a Web page or an image-editing program, you can simply copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) the image into the body of the appointment.

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