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Converting Users to Cached Exchange Mode

We're upgrading 1600 users from Microsoft Office XP to Office 2003 and are using the Custom Installation Wizard to create an .mst transform file that includes the changes to the Outlook profile. We want to convert users to Cached Exchange Mode, but can't seem to do so without losing their connections to additional mailboxes. Is there a solution?

You'll be happy to know that you can modify an existing profile so that it makes just the conversion to Cached Exchange Mode and doesn't disturb settings for secondary mailboxes, such as a shared mailbox for Help desk requests. In the top pane of Screen 13 of the Custom Installation Wizard (which is available in the Office 2003 Resource Kit), select Do not configure an Exchange Server connection, as Figure 1 shows. In the bottom pane, select Configure Cached Exchange Mode, select the Use Cached Exchange Mode check box, and make any changes you need to the default settings.

The resulting .prf file (the type of file Outlook uses to import profile settings) will contain the Exchange Global Section service to support the Cached Mode settings, but the file won't contain the Exchange Server service. Therefore, the Exchange server settings in the existing profile won't be changed.

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