Configuring Exchange Server 2007 UM - 12 Mar 2008

If a screenshot isn't enough for you, fear not! Screencasts are here.

Windows IT Pro is happy to bring you an exciting new tool to help you get the skills you need to excel at your job. In the Exchange & Outlook Pro VIP article "Getting Started with Exchange 2007 UM," J. Peter Bruzzese describes the steps you go through to configure unified messaging (UM) in Exchange Server 2007. Although it's a detailed article with many screenshots, here in these screencasts, you'll see each step in the procedure as you would on your own computer—every screen, menu, dialog box, and check box—all in vivid color; what more could you ask? (OK, really the dominant color is gray, which isn't all that vivid when you think about it—but you can blame Microsoft for that.)

Click the links below to see Exchange management in action, step by step.

Configuration of Unified Messaging, Part 1
Configuration of Unified Messaging, Part 2
Configuration of Unified Messaging, Part 3

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