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Backward Compatibility and Interoperability

Backward Compatibility and Interoperability

How will Notes Release 4 interoperate with current Notes and cc:Mail users?
Lotus: Notes Release 4 will provide backward compatibility. Both Release 3 and 4 servers will support both Release 3 and 4 clients. There are some features that Release 4 users will only be able to access through a Release 4 server and some that Release 3 clients won't be able to access in Release 4 applications. But you will receive messages to that effect. You can continue to use cc:Mail as an alternate mail client for Notes, if you wish; however, mail in Release 4 conforms to the cc:Mail user interface specification, so you may not feel you need it. The next version of cc:Mail will also allow you to use a Release 4 server as a post office. And Release 4 will support the mixing and matching of clients and servers from other vendors through the Messaging Applications Programming Interface (MAPI) 1.0.

How will Microsoft Mail and Schedule+ maintain backward compatibility?
Microsoft: Exchange Server offers migration for current Microsoft Mail customers, improving routing and directory synchronization. The Mail Connector provides connectivity between Exchange and Mail users. It can be the Mail mail-transfer agent (MTA) and connect directly to an existing Mail post office, replacing existing Mail MTAs and bringing a multitasking NT-based MTA to Mail. Native connectivity support for X.400 and Internet enables you to route messages directly to them. In addition, Exchange Server enhances the Mail directory synchronization process. Adding an Exchange Server computer to a Mail 3.x installation provides load distribution, flexible scheduling, higher capacity, better response times, and greater reliability.

How will Collabra interface and function with existing setups of the other platforms?
Collabra: Share is highly interoperable with existing email systems and products that support electronic discussions. It is compatible with any email system that supports Vendor-Independent Messaging (VIM) or MAPI. For legacy email users, it even has a Mail Agent that allows you to participate in forums using your existing email client. Share also includes agents for bi-directional replication with Lotus Notes and Internet newsgroups.

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