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Antispam/Client and Antispam/Server

Antispam/Client and Antispam/Server. What could be more fun than compliance? Dealing with spam, of course. The sheer number of votes cast for our Best Antispam/Client and Best Antispam/Server awards tells us how much you enjoy that chore. And by a landslide, the winner in both categories was Sunbelt Software. The company's iHateSpam product, which also won this year's Best Software award, took the prize for best client-side antispam solution, and iHateSpam for Exchange enjoyed the same easy win in the server-side antispam arena. (Neither product is a stranger to the winners' circle, having taken second place in our antispam contests last year. See "Antispam/Client Side" and "Antispam/Server Side," September 2004, InstantDoc ID 43478 and InstantDoc ID 43477 for details, or read our comparative review of the product in "Server-Based Spam Control," January 2005, InstantDoc ID 44695.) Automatic filtering, support for multiple email clients, white-listing capabilities, and the ability to retrieve quarantined messages make the client-side product an attractive tool, whether users work in the office or at home. Multiple spam filters, phishing protection, and daily signature updates contribute to the server-side product's appeal. One reader seemed to sum both products up perfectly: "Doggone good stuff!"

TAGS: Security
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