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edge-x-octopus.jpg EdgeX Foundry

EdgeX Foundry Brings an Ecosystem Ethos to the Edge

The EdgeX edge platform uses a microservices architecture to optimize its versatility.

A finalist in the IoT World Awards, EdgeX, the vendor-neutral edge computing software platform, began life within Dell in the summer of 2015. “We were looking internally at what’s the right edge platform to use for our IoT strategy,” said Jason Shepherd, chief technology officer of Dell Technologies’ IoT and edge computing division who helped conceive EdgeX.

At that point, there were numerous monolithic software stacks and outdated tools that Dell execs didn’t fully support the heterogeneity of edge-based IoT applications. “We ended up basically working with a bunch of partners and customers, looking at their needs and came up with a baseline architecture,” Shepherd said.

Read the full story on IoT World Today.

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