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dynaTrace Announces AJAX Edition 3--Free APM Tool Now Supports Firefox and IE

dynaTrace software, a provider of application performance management (APM) solutions, announced that it has released a free version of AJAX Edition 3 that now supports Firefox versions 3.6 and 4 as well as Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, and 8. Per dynaTrace, this release makes AJAX Edition 3 the first cross-browser JavaScript performance management tool on the market.

dynaTrace also announced that it has upgraded dynaTrace AJAX Edition Premium, the full-featured, commercially priced version of AJAX Edition 3 for client-side development and test teams, with extensions that include enterprise test automation and automated regression analysis. Here's more detail about the new features in AJAX Edition Premium:

  • enterprise test automation with full test histories, auto-comparison to code level, simultaneous cross-browser test and analysis facilities, and integrated dashboard and reporting
  • automated regression management with out-of-the-box regression dashboard, auto-baselining against public benchmarks, and auto-alerting directly to developer for faster fix turnaround
  • true end-to-end transaction-pure view into application behavior and performance from browser click to database of record and back

Andreas Grabner, dynaTrace lead architect, developer and Ajax solutions, said the new release responds to requests from developers for Firefox support and more enterprise-class test and regression management capabilities. "Many IT executives are only now waking up to the fact that Web 2.0 applications split code between the browser and the server, in effect re-creating a blended client-server application environment," said Grabner. "...Assuring optimal user experience has become a significant and complex challenge.... This third edition seems to have hit the mark both with our existing community and new developers as well as with testers and development managers who have to insure speed, stability, and scale for their most important user facing applications."

Pricing for the premium version of AJAX Edition 3 (dynaTrace Development Team Edition 3.5.2) starts at $1,000 per developer and includes enterprise-class services and support. dynaTrace AJAX Edition 3 is available for immediate download on the dynaTrace AJAX Edition web page.

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