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Droid Razr vs. iPhone 4S: Head to Head, in Commercials

It's always exciting when a new Motorola Droid smartphone hits the streets, as with today's release of the Droid Razr on Verizon. Of course, it's much the same with Apple's iPhone; they just don't happen as frequently. In comparing some of the official promotional commercials for the Droid Razr and the iPhone 4S, it's clear these companies approach things quite differently. Let's have a look.

The iPhone 4S was released first, so here it is, advertising its new voice assistant technology, Siri:

It looks like Siri on the iPhone can apparently be quite helpful in many different situations. Score 1 for iPhone.

And now on to the teaser commercial for the Droid Razr:

Well, after watching that, I don't know what it is, but with so much random violence, I must have it! Or maybe not. I enjoyed this user comment from YouTube: "I can't wait to buy this phone so I can shave my face, cut down that tree, and use it as a weapon, because you know, that's what phones are for . . ." I guess that's a score of 0 for Razr.

The next iPhone spot we come across is this one, which also features Siri:

Did you notice that no one has a full face or the top of their head? Except for kids. Odd. Does that say something about the way Apple views its customers? Doesn't really add anything to the previous commercial, either. No points for iPhone this time, and we move right along to the next up from Razr:

OK, I still don't know what it does, but at least I've had a glimpse of it -- and it's sleek and sexy. Also, I feel like I've just seen a preview for a really great action movie -- and I want to know what happens next! I guess I have to buy the phone to find out. Definitely score 1 for Razr this time.

So, entering the final round, it's all tied up with iPhone 4S and Droid Razr each at 1 point. In the final iPhone spot, it's the iCloud that gets highlighted:

Well, that one shows some pretty useful features. But I'm struck by something as I watch this, and I'm having trouble putting my finger on it. Let me think. Hmm. Oh yes -- it's boring! I want to give iPhone a point on this one, but I just can't.

And the final spot from Droid Razr:

Now there's a commercial that's both sexy and informative. It actually showed me the phone this time and something of what it does. Also, I now know that if I ever need to stop an elevator in mid journey, I'd better have one of these Kevlar-strong little beauties handy. I have to give a point to Razr for this one.

So, in my completely unbiased and unofficial rating of iPhone 4S versus Droid Razr, it's the Razr that comes out on top. Well, I've got to go now. I'm off to the Verizon Store -- apparently there's some new phone out today that's calling me.

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