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DotNetNuke Announces the DotNetNuke Store for Open-Source Web Content Management Systems (CMS)

DotNetNuke announced the DotNetNuke Store, an online store that's designed for open-source web content management systems. Formerly known as Snowcovered, the DotNetNuke Store offers more than 10,000 supported extensions, modules, apps, and designs from several different vendors. Featured products in the DotNetNuke store include:

  • custom form-creation modules
  • event calendar and registration modules
  • media management and delivery extensions to simplify video and image handling
  • dynamic registration modules
  • document management extensions

Along with new branding, Snowcovered received a complete redesign and was rewritten on the latest version of the DotNetNuke platform. According to DotNetNuke, the website's new interface makes it easy for customers to shop, purchase, and install products. Also, the website has been simplified, making it easier for vendors to create, edit, and publish product listings.

"Oftentimes an organization's website is its single most important business asset," said Mitch Bishop, chief marketing officer for DotNetNuke. "Being able to speed the process of developing and delivering a world-class online presence is critical to these companies. The DotNetNuke Store now makes it even faster and easier for these organizations to extend their sites, empowering them to service their customers, employees, and partners quickly and affordably."

The DotNetNuke Store can be accessed directly from all editions of DotNetNuke beginning from version 6.0 through the DNN Extensions Catalog. Click here to visit the DotNetNuke Store.

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