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DotNetNuke Adds WebMatrix and Razor Support to Its CMS

DotNetNuke, developer of the DotNetNuke open source content management system (CMS), announced that its CMS platform now supports two new Microsoft website development tools: the Microsoft WebMatrix development environment and the Razor view engine , part of WebMatrix. In addition, DotNetNuke announced that the latest version of the CMS, DotNetNuke Professional Edition 5.6.1, features a new Configuration Manager that allows a host user to manage the various configuration files that control the runtime operation of DotNetNuke.

The integration of DotNetNuke with Razor will enable more experienced website developers to use Razor scripting to more quickly and easily create custom extensions for the DotNetNuke platform. DotNetNuke's WebMatrix support is geared more toward those with limited programming experience, allowing those less-experienced website developers to rapidly launch new websites and web applications built on DotNetNuke.

Additionally, the new Configuration Manager lets website administrators manage configuration files used by DotNetNuke. Admins can select the desired configuration file, which is then loaded into a multi-line textbox in a web browser where modifications can be made manually and changes can be saved where they will take effect immediately. Administrators can also upload a Configuration Merge script, which can be used to automate repetitive and complex configuration operations.

To learn more about DotNetNuke and the various available editions, visit DotNetNuke's Products Overview page.


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