Do SharePoint Admins Want to Be Devs?

Maybe not. But the crowds in the standing-room-only presentation at the Connections Conference seemed to point to this conclusion. The presentation was titled "Crash Course in SharePoint Development."

So this intrepid reporter decided, after trying to at least hear from the third row of the crowd standing at the door (who weren't allowed in to stand because there was no longer room to stand), to go to another presentation running at the same time. But oops, that one was also standing-room only. Its subject? Code-less solutions for SharePoint.

Okay, so admins don't want to be devs. But they might not mind the chance to broaden their SharePoint skills in these uncertain times. Dev-Lite anyone?

As a side note, the other two SharePoint sessions running at this time were one on Integrating CRM online with SharePoint 2010 and Claims-based Security in SharePoint. They were not full. Hmmm.
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