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DevOps in 2022: Top Stories So Far

Our most-read articles on DevOps from the first half of 2022 include coverage of the latest DevOps tools and guides to building DevOps teams and handling the metaverse.

Because the benefits of DevOps — a shorter development life cycle, continuous delivery, and high software quality — are too great for organizations to ignore, DevOps engineer has become one of the most in-demand jobs.

It's no surprise then that some of ITPro Today's most-read DevOps stories from the first half of 2022 cover the release of new or updated tools that are designed to help DevOps engineers succeed. Other top stories include guides for building the ideal DevOps team and for transitioning into a DevOps career — if you find more money and more dynamic work appealing.

Here's a rundown of our top stories about DevOps from the first half of the year.

1. GitHub Desktop 3.0 Improves DevOps Collaboration

Millions of developers use GitHub Desktop to simplify their development workflow. Learn how version 3.0 of the open-source tool further enhances DevOps productivity.

Further Reading: GitHub Updates Improve Code Security, Developer Productivity

2. How to Construct the Ideal DevOps Team Structure

Building a DevOps team can be difficult because there are so many models to choose from. This guide will help you select the DevOps team model that is right for your organization.

3. Domino Data Lab Looks to Optimize Enterprise MLOps

With the release of Domino 5.2, Domino Data Lab adds new capabilities to its enterprise MLOps platform. The upgrade helps organizations scale machine learning operations in production.

Further Reading: Domino Data Lab Goes Hybrid with Nexus Architecture for MLOps

4. Perforce Acquires Puppet to Advance DevOps Infrastructure Automation

With the acquisition of DevOps pioneer Puppet, Perforce's CEO believes his company can now "solve some of the hardest automation challenges in the world's largest enterprises."

5. 2022 State of SRE Report Identifies Site Reliability DevOps Challenges

Site reliability engineering is an increasingly essential component of DevOps, but SREs have a number of difficult challenges to overcome. This year's State of SRE Report provides insight into those challenges.

6. What Is DevOps?

This technical explainer does more than define DevOps; it also details the benefits and drawbacks of DevOps and describes the most popular DevOps tools.

7. DevOps Teams to Play Big Role in Tackling Metaverse Challenges

Are DevOps teams up to the task of meeting metaverse challenges? Tech expert Christopher Tozzi thinks so. Here, he looks at five ways the metaverse may impact DevOps teams.

8. How to Move from IT Operations to a Career in DevOps

There are two big reasons to transition from ITOps to a career in DevOps: money and more dynamic work. Here are tips for making that IT career move.

9. 4 GitOps Best Practices for DevOps Teams

GitOps can help DevOps teams automate development and deployment workflows. Here are four GitOps best practices to help ensure success.

Further Reading: Codefresh Revamps DevOps Platform for GitOps with Argo

10. ServiceNow Looking to Improve DevOps and ITOps with New Services

ServiceNow's new services are designed to advance digital transformation and improve operational efficiency for DevOps. Read what each service brings to DevOps teams.

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