Xamarin Offers a New Cycle of Dev Days for 2016 Image via Xamarin

Xamarin Offers a New Cycle of Dev Days for 2016

For the first time since being acquired by Microsoft earlier this year, the folks at Xamarin have announced their Dev Days 2016 schedule for 13 worldwide locations. The new series of events begin this month and run through November.

Xamarin Dev Days are one day community focused events that are offered at no cost for attendees to help those in attendance learn how to use the Xamarin tools to create iOS, Android and Windows apps using tools like C#, Xamarin and other options.

The day begins with sessions on how to use the Xamarin related development tools to build native connected apps for the three platforms mentioned earlier. 

Then, in the afternoon, focus shifts to putting that new knowledge to use through a series of hands-on labs and interaction with the developer community that is gathered for Dev Days in your location.

These events reinforce the importance of your own local developer community which can be a tremendous asset following the event.

Of course, there will be plenty of individuals with Xamarin experience to help you get rolling with these development tools as well.

Last week, Xamarin announced what they are calling the first round of global Xamarin Dev Days with the dates and locations of the first 13 planned days for 2016:

7/16 – Milan, Italy
7/16 – Mexico City, Mexico
7/23 – Jacksonville FL
7/30 – Redmond, WA
8/06 – Pune, India
8/13 – Boston, MA
8/20 – Madison, WI
8/20 – Sydney, Australia
8/27 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
9/10 – São Paulo, Brazil
9/17 – Lisbon, Portugal
9/24 – Curitiba, Brazil
11/12 – Kansas City, KS

Of course, calling this list the first round of Dev Days means there could be more to follow and right now Xamarin is looking for your desires about possible hosting locations. Just visit this page at Xamarin to suggest a possible location. 

But, wait...there's probably more so be sure to follow me on Twitter and Google+.


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