A Word About the Interfaces - 01 Aug 1999

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) online has descriptions for the interfaces I discuss this month. Go to http://msdn .microsoft.com/ library/default.htm, and navigate to Platform SDK, Networking Services, Active Directory, Active Directory Service Interfaces Version 2.5, ADSI Reference, ADSI Interfaces. From this point, you can navigate to Core Interfaces (which contains the description for IADs), Persistent Object Interfaces (which contains descriptions for IADsCollection and IADsFileService), and Dynamic Object Interfaces (which contains descriptions for IADsComputerOperations, IADsFileServiceOperations, IADsResource, IADsServiceOperations, and IADsSession).

This ADSI documentation, however, leaves out three important quirks of the IADsSession and IADsResources interfaces. First, the WinNT: provider doesn't currently support the IADsSession::UserPath, IADsSession::ComputerPath, and IADsResource::UserPath property methods. Second, although the ADSI documentation states that the IADsSession::ConnectTime and IADs Session::IdleTime property methods return the result in terms of minutes, they actually return the result in terms of seconds. Finally, the IADsSession::Computer property method returns NetBIOS names for Windows NT and Windows 9x clients but returns TCP/IP addresses for Windows 2000 (Win2K) clients.

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