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What's Hot - 25 Nov 2002

Automate Your Software Builds
Kinook Software, Visual Build,, 719-481-4128

Dave Riches of Atlanta has used Kinook Software's Visual Build on a couple of development projects but has also found it to be a good tool for automating any repetitive task. Visual Build enables developers to create an automated, repeatable process for building software. Visual Build provides built-in support for Visual Basic (VB), Visual C++ (VC++), and Visual J++ (VJ++). Visual Build can retrieve the latest source code and check out files from a source control system, create directories and files used in the version, build software projects, set or increment project versions, run unit test suites and test cases, create installations and copy them to a Web site or network path, and check in updated files and label the build.

"The tool lets you define steps to execute, which can be any program or batch file you care to run, along with access to virtually any resource on your machine. Steps can be nested to just about any level, including conditional execution of a single step or a group of steps. All information is stored in XML, so it's easily movable across environments," Riches said.

Visual Build runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, and Windows 9x systems. Pricing is $150 for a single-user license and $1195 for a site license.

Access Your PC from Anywhere
Expertcity, GoToMyPC,, 805-690-6400, 888-259-3826

Leif Borgman of Los Angeles highly recommends Expertcity's GoToMyPC. Through a secure, private connection, the software lets you remotely access your computer from any other Internet-connected computer with almost any OS. GoToMyPC works with your existing firewall and Internet infrastructure. You don't have to change or open ports, configure IP addresses, or deploy any hardware or software. You can also use your existing corporate Internet connection. The software encrypts all data, including screen images, file transfers, keyboard and mouse input, and chat text.

"I service customers all over L.A., and frequently I need to loop up data on my office computer, which runs GoToMyPC software. I can get instant access to my computer from a Web browser at any location. This is very convenient, and it has saved me hours of work," Borgman said.

Expertcity offers two purchase plans for the software. GoToMyPC Personal is for individual users and is based on either a monthly subscription fee or an annual plan with unlimited access to as many as 20 computers. GoToMyPC Corporate lets companies roll out and manage a corporate telecommuting plan. Specific pricing is available from Expertcity.

Magazine Names Best of Show Winners for MEC 2002

Windows & .NET Magazine announced the winners of the Best of Show Awards for MEC 2002 in October in Anaheim, California. Janet Robbins, Windows & .NET Magazine editor in chief, presented awards to Windows technology vendors in five categories. The winner of the collaboration and productivity category was aimware's TeamCentral. Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) won in the management category. The Fenestrae Enterprise Mobility Server (ESM) won in the mobility category. NEC Solutions America's NEC Express5800/320La won in the networking and infrastructure category. The winner in the security category was BindView's bv-Control for Windows 2000.

The field included more than 174 entries. Michael Otey, senior technical editor of Windows & .NET Magazine, said that each winner offered unique competitive advantages to customers.

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