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Microsoft Connect() 2018

What to Expect from Microsoft Connect() 2018 for Developers

Microsoft Connect() is a developer-centric online conference that provides the latest updates on various tools from Microsoft and their use by developers. Also: information about version control in G Suite, general availability of Microsoft's 2019 version of their on-premises server software, a security update validation program from Microsoft, and enterprise admin related updates in the Chrome 70 release.

Microsoft Connect() has been an annual event for the last two years and it will continue this year on December 4, 2018. This event will feature a keynote by Scott Guthrie along with presentations and hands-on sessions from popular Microsoft presenters such as Scott Hanselman, Donovan Brown, and Jeff Fritz. This one-day online event is described as having something for every developer and will be beneficial for both new and experienced developers.

Among the key technologies that will be discussed and demoed are Microsoft Azure and of course Visual Studio, both big pieces of the company's developer infrastructure.

Three key areas will be focused on throughout the day according to Microsoft:

  • Work your way, with full support
  • See firsthand how Azure supports your preferred frameworks, platforms, and languages, including C#, Java, Python, and Node.js.
  • Learn what's new and next
  • Get the latest updates on DevOps, Kubernetes, serverless, IoT, AI and developer tooling.
  • Find inspiration for devs, by devs
  • Connect with the team that’s building Azure and developer tools through technical keynotes, demos, Q&A, live coding, and on-demand sessions.

The day begins at 8:30 AM PT with a 90-minute keynote from Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise, Scott Guthrie, and includes a one-hour Scott Hanselman keynote.  After those, remote attendees will be able to join live coding sessions that will be happening from 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM PT via online streaming services like Twitch and Mixer so you can join in and chat with the presenters and other attendees. There will be an entire collection of on-demand sessions that you will be able to watch on your own schedule.

Sign up to register and receive updates leading up to the live event on 04 December 2018.


Google’s G Suite supports version control, so you can keep track of updates to various documents as you collaborate with colleagues. G Suite Product Manager Robert Dunnette provides full details on how to use version history in your daily routine.

Microsoft announced the General Availability (GA) of its collection of Office 2019 related servers this week on the Office 365 Blog. Included in this GA are the 2019 versions of Exchange, Skype for Business, SharePoint, and project servers. These releases have some hybrid features which connect them to the cloud, but their primary goal is to convince organizations who have not made a move to the cloud to begin considering it as these will likely be the final on-premises versions released.

The Security Update Validation Program (SUVP) from Microsoft-- it provides early access to Patch Tuesday updates to help verify their effectiveness against your images, infrastructure, line-of-business, third-party and in-house apps -- is open to for registration. See how to join the program and contribute to the effectiveness of these monthly patches.

Google released version 70 of their Chrome browser this week. Among some of the changes : better control over sign-ins, final Symantec Certificates deprecated for trust, more secure Internet comms using TLS 1.3, and improved support for SMB file shares in Chrome OS.

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