What are Windows Flip and Windows Flip 3D? - 26 Sep 2006

A. Windows Vista has introduced the Windows Flip feature, which is activated using the Alt-Tab key combination and replaces the previous functionality that used to bring up a list of running programs. The new Windows Flip is available only if the graphics hardware supports running the Aero Glass interface and instead of just displaying a list of program icons, displays and updates in real time a live thumbnail. For example, in Windows Media Player (WMP), the movie clip I was watching actually plays as a thumbnail, as the figureshows.

You can also press Ctrl-Alt-Tab to leave the Windows Flip interface open and avoid having to keep the Alt key pressed. Windows Flip 3D performs a similar function but this time the windows are arranged in a 3D fashion, once again showing live content so any videos continue playing in the view. By pressing Win+Tab or Ctrl+Win+Tab you can leave the Flip 3D running without holding down the Win key. You can use the scroll button on the mouse to scroll through the various running applications, as the figureshows.

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