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Welcome to Scripting Central

Let's face it. To most people, scripting is the "B" word. (No, not THAT word--I meant "boring.") But those people who've actually tried scripting often come to enjoy it. This newsletter is for those people.

Scripting Central is a free monthly eNewsletter that will help you keep on top of scripting news, events, tools, and techniques. You can also have a little fun in the process by participating in scripting contests and letting your voice be heard in the "Scripting Scuttlebutt" letters section. This useful but entertaining email newsletter will cover all types of scripting languages, including VBScript, Perl, and T-SQL. It will also provide tools for and tips on how to write code for a variety of Windows OSs and applications that run on those OSs, such as Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server.

To start, Scripting Central will consist of six sections. Beside this commentary and the "Scripting Scuttlebutt" letters section, the newsletter will feature the "Scripter's Toolkit," "This & That," "Script Watch," and "New & Improved" sections. In the "Scripter's Toolkit" section, you'll find information about tools, techniques, and resources that can help you write better code. To be honest, the "This & That" section covers whatever doesn't fall into the other sections. One "This & That" item in this issue is the announcement of the "My Favorite Function" contest. If you're into VBScript, be sure to check out this contest. "Script Watch" tidbits alert you to interesting scripts that you can find in Code Central and the various Windows IT Pro print publications (i.e., Windows Scripting Solutions, Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Magazine, Exchange & Outlook Administrator, and Windows IT Security). Code Central ( is Windows IT Pro's new searchable storehouse of scripts and programs for automating all types of components in a Windows environment. Look for this storehouse to open its doors in late October. Finally, the "New & Improved" section keeps you informed of new and improved scripting-related products and solutions on the market.

You might have noticed that I started out the previous paragraph with "To start, Scripting Central will...." To paraphrase Neo in "The Matrix," this is only the beginning and how we proceed is up to you. In the upcoming months, let me know what you like and don't like about Scripting Central and what else you'd like to see in it. Just like any script, this newsletter is a work in progress. To subscribe to Scripting Central, go to

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