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The State of the IT Industry: 2014 Skills and Salary Survey

The State of the IT Industry: 2014 Skills and Salary Survey

In this year's 2014 IT Skills and Salary Survey, findings show that economic conditions are improving for IT and business professionals. Key takeaways from this year's survey shows that salaries for both of these entities are higher this year, where the overall average salary of $88,952 is 13 percent higher than last year. Consistent with last year's survey results, respondents continue to believe that training is a positive investment for their career path, where higher raises were more likely for those who trained or earned a certification within the past 12 months.

Global Knowledge and Windows IT Pro joined forces to survey IT and business professionals on compensation and training needs. This year's survey was conducted through an online survey in the fall of 2013. The survey focuses on North America, where 10,299 IT professionals and 1,798 business professionals responded.

Download the full survey report to dive into the data in more detail

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