Source Code Control Software - 09 Sep 2003

The MKS Integrity Solution, which combines MKS Integrity Manager and MKS Source Integrity Enterprise Edition, is a process-centric, integrated, cross-platform software configuration management product. Integrity Manager and Source Integrity Enterprise Edition integrate to provide powerful process-driven software configuration management and better control of the software development life cycle, from setting requirements through building and deploying applications. Benefits include real-time, geographically distributed development for collaboration, which eliminates the need for repository replication; reduced administrative overhead associated with the software development life cycle; and the ability to scale from the smallest to largest teams in the enterprise within existing IT infrastructure and development processes.

The Integrity Solution's platform-transparent, advanced multi-tier architecture is scalable and flexible across local and distributed enterprise environments. Also, the Integrity Solution integrates with other productivity tools, such as Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, so companies can leverage their existing software investments.

A reader in Ontario said Source Integrity Enterprise Edition is "feature packed*no one has more features." The reader also said the product was secure and "flexible to suit my company's processes, project structure, and geographic layout and OSs."

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
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