Scripting Pro VIP Update, April 4, 2007

In This Issue

  • Perspectives: Announcing the "Best Post of the Month" Award
  • The Scripting Pro VIP Web Site Is Sporting a New Archive Page
  • Two Fellow Scripters Need Your Help
  • Coming in April
  • March Articles Now Available in PDF Format

Perspectives: Announcing the "Best Post of the Month" Award

If you've ever visited a fast-food restaurant or local store, you might have seen a picture of a smiling employee who has been awarded that establishment's "Employee of the Month" award. Scripting Pro VIP is shamelessly borrowing that concept and starting a "Best Post of the Month" award. Every month, we'll be spotlighting one person's post in Scripting Pro VIP's members-only forum. This person will not only get his or her picture posted on Scripting Pro VIP's Web site but also get a $25 gift certificate from (The picture will be optional for those of you who are camera shy.) I'll announce the award winner each month in this newsletter.

If you'd like a chance to win the gift certificate but you're not sure what to post in the members-only forum, here are some ideas:

  • You can post a tip that you think would be helpful to fellow scripters. For example, forum user Orin posted a tip on resources that can help you learn about regular expressions.
  • You can respond to another member's post. For example, you might respond to one of the two posts highlighted in the "Two Fellow Scripters Need Your Help" section in this newsletter.
  • You can post a note about the types of articles you'd like to see in Scripting Pro VIP in the Input Inbox forum. For example, you might post a note that says you'd like to see an article that compares the various features of the free scripting editors that are available.

If you haven't already done so, you can set up your forum profile at Start posting today—and maybe I'll be announcing you as the April award winner in the May 2 edition of Scripting Pro VIP Update.
—Karen Bemowski, Scripting Pro VIP Editor

The Scripting Pro VIP Web Site Is Sporting a New Archive Page

The next time you go to the Scripting Pro VIP Web site, check out the new Archive page. Besides listing the articles that have appeared each month, the Archive page includes links to each month's .pdf file and accompanying code. You can access the Archive page by clicking the Archive link on the main toolbar at the top of each page. The Archive page replaces the temporary archive that was set up under RELATED LINKS on the home page.

Two Fellow Scripters Need Your Help

Are you a whiz when it comes to using Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) or have you written a script to update Windows Vista's unattend.xml file? If so, two fellow scripters need your help:

  • Forum user jcampbel wrote a subroutine that uses ADSI to set access control entry (ACE) permissions. Although the subroutine works in getting new files and folders to inherit the permissions, the permissions are not being propagated to existing files and folders. To check out the subroutine and possibly help solve this mystery, click here.
  • Forum user ethompson wants to use a .vbs script to update the Computername and Product Key entries in Vista's unattend.xml file. If you can help, click here.

Coming in April

"Create Excel Reports the VBScript Way, Part 3" by Jim Turner

When you use VBScript scripts to create Microsoft Excel reports, you open up a tremendous amount of flexibility in Excel. This article series walks you through how to take advantage of that flexibility. In Part 3, Jim Turner covers how to concatenate items, find duplicates, and filter results in a spreadsheet. He also covers how to automate several commonly used Excel features, including conditional formatting, inserting columns, pasting formats, the CountIF function, and relative cell referencing.
This article is now live on the Web.

"Customize the Windows Command Shell" by Bill Stewart

Cmd.exe is much more powerful and more customizable than its MS-DOS predecessor. Bill Stewart shows you how you can customize the command shell console window's appearance and behavior. He also shows you how to take advantage of some handy features that make working from the command line easier than ever.
Coming April 11

"Reader to Reader: Let the IP Ranger Round Up Your IP Addresses" by Jim Turner

With the IP Ranger HTML Application (HTA), all you need to do is enter a starting and ending IP address, then click a button to obtain all the IP addresses within that range. The HTA writes the IP addresses to a text file, which you can then use as an input file for scripts.
Coming April 18

Reader to Reader: "A Quick Way to Find Out Whether CD-ROM Drives Can Read and Write " by James Lim

If you have many PCs to maintain, even checking something as simple as whether their CD-ROM drives are read-only or read/write can be a real chore. Here's a script that you can use to make this task less time-consuming. This script can even check external USB CD-ROM drives for their read and write status.
Coming April 18

Rem: "An 'Unkludgy' Way to Back Up Files" by Steve Seguis and Karen Bemowski

A reader created a batch file to back up a Microsoft Access database. However, the batch file was a kludge, so he wanted to write a better script. Curious as to how a scripting pro would go about it, he contacted Scripting Pro VIP. The result is BackupFile.vbs, which you can use to back up any type of file. BackupFile.vbs backs up the specified file to a target folder, renaming the file to include the current date for easy reference. The script also keeps the target folder to a specified size, deleting the oldest backup files when necessary.
Coming April 25

March Articles Now Available in PDF Format

For easy reading and printing, we've compiled all the March Scripting Pro VIP articles in a single .pdf file. You can download this .pdf file, along with all the code for those articles, by clicking here. To recap, here are the articles that were featured in March:

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