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Rem: WMI Wizard Isn’t a Wiz After All

I recently downloaded and installed the free 30-day evaluation copy of SAPIEN Technologies' PrimalScript 3.0 script editor. One feature that caught my eye was the new WMI Script Wizard. Unfortunately, the wizard appears to be broken. For example, if I use the wizard to create a script to retrieve network adapter configuration information (Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration), the generated script fails to retrieve values for many of the settings, even though I know valid values exist. IPAddress is a good example. I'd like an expert's opinion before I purchase a script editor that creates scripts that don't work. I don't need help creating broken scripts—I do that quite well on my own. Can you take a look at the editor and tell me whether the wizard is broken or whether I'm doing something wrong?

I think it's fair to say that PrimalScript's WMI Script Wizard is broken. The problem is that the wizard fails to recognize properties that Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) returns as an array. IPAddress is one such property. My recommendation is for you to report this bug to SAPIEN Technologies. I'm sure the company will fix it. In the meantime, if a WMI wizard is primarily what you're after, I encourage you to take a look at Scriptomatic 2.0, a free WMI wizard from Microsoft. Although I can't give you a URL to Scriptomatic 2.0 due to timing, you should be able to access and download it from the Microsoft TechNet Script Center (

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