Rem: Modifying Change System Time Rights

I'm a systems administrator for a Windows NT 4.0 LAN. After deploying many NT 4.0 workstations, I found that the Change System Time right was unavailable to domain users. Manually connecting to each computer and adding the necessary rights would be time-consuming, so I wanted to write a script that performs this task. Despite spending several hours looking through Microsoft Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) documentation, I still can't find a way to modify the Change System Time rights. Do you have any suggestions?

You couldn't find a way because ADSI doesn't expose the NT 4.0 User Rights Policy or Windows 2000 Group Policy objects. However, you can use the Ntrights utility in the Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 Resource Kit to modify the NT 4.0 User Rights Policy. For an example of how to use this utility in a script, see the Microsoft article "Using Batch Files to Automate Networking Tasks" (

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