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Rem: Character Separators for Multiple Logon Scripts

Can one user have multiple logon scripts? If so, how can I specify multiple logon scripts in a user's Logon script field? For example, if I want to specify three scripts named logon1.bat, logon2.bat, and logon3.bat, do I use commas, semicolons, blank spaces, or some other character to separate the scripts?

You can specify only one logon script in the Logon script field, which is on the Profile properties page in the user's Properties dialog box. However, you can certainly run multiple logon scripts per user. The typical approach is to call additional scripts from the logon script. For example, you can configure logon1.bat as the user's logon script. In logon1.bat, you can use the Call command to run logon2.bat and logon3.bat. See the Windows 2000 Help to learn more about how to use the Call command.

TAGS: Windows 7/8
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