Post Build 2016 Tips and Resources for Windows Developers

Post Build 2016 Tips and Resources for Windows Developers

Since Microsoft closed out their annual Build conference nearly two weeks ago the flow of information has been steady to provide more details about some of the technology and features that were announced at the three day event.

I have been collecting several of these articles from Microsoft in order to get them into one place for you to have an easy resource available as you explore the new options in the Microsoft development stack.

Best of Build 2016

Highlights all the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) announcements and several can't miss sessions that you should watch on demand.

  • Creating Beautiful UX in Real-World UWP Apps
  • The Power of the EffectBrush
  • Adding Manipulations in the Visual Layer
  • Using Expression Animations to Create Engaging UI
  • Cortana Futures
  • UWP Lifecycle and Background Execution
  • Pen and Ink: Inking at the Speed of Thought
  • Universal App Model Overview
  • Intro to Bluetooth Background Communication
  • Universal 3D Printing with Windows
  • Spatial Audio in UWP
  • Building Great UWP Apps for Xbox
  • Windows 10 IoT Core: from Maker to Market
  • Building UWP 2D Apps for Microsoft HoloLens
  • Beyond the Browser: Cross Platform Meets Cross Device

Visual communication and visual cues

This is a continuation of the developing apps for Windows series and focuses on how visual cues can help your users on all levels in your app.

UI development made easier with XAML Edit & Continue

This details changes that have been made to Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 and Visual Studio 15 Preview that help you build even better UI for your apps.

Create, ideate, and collaborate: Build apps powered by Windows Ink

Inking is getting its own special piece of real estate in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and so adding inking support to your app will help you take advantage of that new focus. You can also read more about my own experience with the new Ink workspace over on SuperSite for Windows.

Announcing Bing Maps V8 control for the Web

If your app depends on providing location information then you will want to check out the new Bing Maps control for the web. This latest version is the result of looking back over five years of feedback  and using that information to improve the web control for developers.

Open Translators to Things: An Open Approach for Accessing Similar Things

If you are developing in the world of Internet of Things (IoT) then the open sourcing of Open Translators to Things is a spot you want to check out. While you can easily use the code to improve your own apps/products and also contribute to the community through the open source aspect of the tool.  The goal of this open translator is to allow devs to write one time but use the same code across all IoT devices that use shared functionalities.

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