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Popular Automation Solution Now Available as Open-Source Software

For several years, Entrigue Systems has offered Script Start, software that lets administrators automate Windows desktop management tasks that might otherwise have to be done manually or with scripts. The company has now launched version 2.0, which comes in two editions: Script Start Community 2.0, which is being offered as open-source software, and Script Start Professional, which is an enhanced software package that you purchase.

Offering Script Start Community 2.0 as open-source software will no doubt increase the popularity of this already popular offering. In 2007, Script Start was a finalist in Windows IT Pro's Editor's Best awards in the scripting category. And in 2006, it was named a winner in the Scripting Editor category in Windows IT Pro's Readers' Choice Awards.

Like Script Start, Script Start Community 2.0 enables administrators to manage, configure, and provision user settings on Windows desktops connected to any popular server OS, such as Windows and Linux. It supports any method of Windows desktop delivery, including virtual and physical PCs as well as thin clients. Functionality includes the ability to map drives, install printers, configure Microsoft Outlook settings and Messaging API (MAPI) profiles, modify environment variables, adjust Internet proxy settings, and more.

While previous versions of Script Start were Web-hosted, Script Start Community 2.0 now features a standalone product architecture with a straight-forward installer package. “The availability of Script Start in a standalone version has been much anticipated by administrators and systems integrators,” said Jason E. Smith, vice president of Business Development for Entrigue Systems. Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 support has also been added. Script Start Community 2.0 is available at no charge under a GPLv3 license and can be downloaded from the Script Start Web site.

Priced at $990 per domain controller (DC), Script Start Professional includes everything the community edition does plus these additional features: product support, inventory reporting capabilities, software assurance, upgrade assistance from previous versions of Script Start, priority product updates, and full documentation. Current Script Start customers will receive a free upgrade to Script Start Professional, which will be available within the next 30 days.

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